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Robb Campre - On Uberistic Groups

Why Uberistic?

Schools and Groups have a need to communicate effectively with their past and present members.

Sending Weekly Messages

This may be the most powerful feature within the groups.  Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars each year on email marketing you could simply create a group, and send them a weekly message for free.

Career Development Tool

An Uberistic membership will provide your members an invaluable career management resource that can fast track their success.

Develop Your Community

Give your group an online presence, and allow members to connect online as well as offline. Promote events, collect information from members and manage your membership in an easy online tool. Enable your board or committee and other members to stay in touch with direct messaging, e-mail discussions, and customized newsletters.

People love to belong to a community. The more you are able to connect like-minded people together, the more they will appreciate you for doing so. Create an opportunity for passionate people to come together because the leader that does this *usually* reaps the benefits. People love to connect with a leader.

Connecting people, providing job leads, referrals, valuable content to help them achieve their goals: these are things that you can give to people. It feels good to have the opportunity to help others.

Uberistic can help you build stronger, more meaningful relationships. Let’s face it, business (and life) is about all about the relationships we have, right?

Uberistic will save you time managing your membership so you can spend more time working on what really matters.

In closing, Uberistic is a powerful platform to help you achieve your goals, and the groups aspect is a vital part to helping you achieve those goals faster and in a more meaningful way. Be willing to take some time to better understand them, as you may find a new way to help yourself, or others, by using them each day.

Online community features can support a community, they can’t create a community out of thin air.
On Uberistic, Schools and Groups provide community members  with a tangible job-seeking tool, to benefit a great first step in building a community!

Features & Benefits

Group Statistics
Uberistic creates statistics for every group within its network which provides feedback on group size, employment status, and more. These statistics help paint a picture about the backgrounds of the members in your group which in turn, can help you shape your interaction within your group.

Individual Profiles
Your members each have an Uberistic profile which provides the group current contact information for members, past and present, in one place

Group Messaging
Set up mailing lists for current members, alumni, your board or committee and more

Group Events
Promote and organize your events in an online calendar

Group Interaction
Get your members to contribute online as well as offline. Share files and photos online.

How Uberistic Group Benefits You & Your Members:

  1. A place for your members to find their next job or project.
  2. A great source of information. Not just surface ideas or ads disguised as information, but real down-to-earth information that you can use.
  3. A useful resource. Not to be confused with information, the resource part of Uberistic groups comes into play when you dive deeper into the information presented. Members will find new online tools, businesses that they aren’t aware of and many valuable connections within the information provided by members.
  4. A focused networking tool.
  5. A way for you to share your knowledge and information.

Benefits for Group Members (Job-Seekers, Students, ...)

Considering the excellent benefits that connecting with professionals on Uberistic brings, job-seekers should never ignore this social networking platform. In fact, your networking on Uberistic should begin as early as possible. Uberistic can help you find jobs as soon as you graduate from college.

Given below are some key tips on how job-seekers should use Uberistic and how they can reap maximum benefits by connecting with professionals on this social networking website.

1. Getting Job Email Alerts

Once you have created your professional profile on Uberistic, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs. Students and jobseekers will be able to see the notifications on their homepage as soon as they log into their Uberistic accounts.

2. Get Valuable Metric on your Job-Seeking Activities

Get and use concrete metrics to refine and adapt your career development strategy.

3. Connecting with Professionals

If you have a look at Uberistic, you’ll be surprised to find out the large number of professionals who choose to connect here.

4. Conducting Company Research

One of the biggest benefits Uberistic offers college students and jobseekers is that they can check out the pages of their targeted employers. By visiting company, pages, you can conduct a research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process and what people have to say about that organization. This kind of company research on Uberistic can always keep a stay ahead of your competition and increases your employability.

5. Share Your Professional Profile with Prospective Employers

Uberistic also offers a feature that allows you to create a vanity URL and share your profile with prospective employers who are not members of the site.

6. Letting Companies Find You

Today, a large number of organizations look for talented candidates on social networking platforms like Uberistic. If you have created a good and detailed professional profile, chances are you will attract employer’s attention. And it would really be nice to be invited by companies for your job position you always wanted to occupy.

7. Landing International Jobs

Well, Uberistic is a global networking platform. If you are interested in landing jobs overseas, you can get a lot of benefits by networking on this social media website. You can connect with all the major international employers and find jobs in foreign countries.


It’s time for job-seekers to create their profiles on Uberistic and start using this social media platform for connecting with professionals. If you prepare yourself as early as possible, you can easily stay ahead of your competition when it comes to landing a job of your interest.