Whether you want to stay local or get out onto the world stage, the key to a great work life is to connect with the right opportunities. Here’s how Uberistic can help:

Career Plan


✔     Promote yourself to show prospective employers who you are.  
✔   Search employers and career postings, using search criteria that you specify.  

Get real-time updates on job postings and employers that meet your criteria as they are uploaded or join Uberistic.

✔   Develop your abilities with a rich set of career development tools and advice from our Uber-Experts.  
✔   Initiate Contact with employers of interest:  
    - apply for current positions  
    - make general inquiries  
    - develop relationships  
✔   Develop and carry out a long-term career strategy - get to know the HR people at your target companies before they have jobs to offer. (It’s been said that the majority of jobs go to “someone that somebody in the company knows”— become that somebody!)  
 ✔    Metrics - get and use concrete metrics to refine and adapt your career strategy.  

One low yearly fee gives you unlimited access to all Uberistic’s features - the job board, employer database, and all employment networking & career development tools.


Be Uberistic—it’s where the proactive companies are!

Be Uberistic!

With Uberistic, you have all the tools you need to manage your career—right now, and over the longer term. By searching the Uberistic  job board, you can find and apply for current openings. By exploring the member company database, you can research specific companies and cultivate long term relationships. Put yourself in touch with their HR people, get to know them—even find out what skills would make you a strong future candidate in their eyes. Decide what you want your future to hold, and make it happen.

Your Uberistic profile is a terrific tool for showing potential employers who you are, and what you can do. Post a video pitch, pull in Facebook posts—your imagination is the limit.  Best yet, your Uberistic profile never sleeps. It’s always there, broadcasting your talents at the precise moment that employers are looking. It’s like sending a resume out into space and seeing what comes back.

Job Application Summary
Job Application Summary - a control for Job-Seekers
When conducting a job search, many people relate success to going from a dead stop to finding the job opportunities they want quickly with no effort.  Reality is very different.  Job search success, can be defined as finding as many of the opportunities you really want and need for your career in the shortest time and capitalizing on them.  Job search success is really about incremental success and become career development.


There are four major components to organizing a job search.

  • Strategy - your goals
  • Tactics - what you will do
  • Timeline - outlines the what, when, and who of your search
  • Metrics - how you will measure the success of your goals

Real success is measured in steps, and every step you successfully complete builds valuable momentum. If you measure your success by creating metrics for each tactic you deploy, you will be able to determine if anything needs to be adjusted or changed in order to shore up performance.

On Uberistic you can measure your progression with each job application in series of predefined steps. This invaluable information will allow you to adapt and refine your job search.


  • The number of resumes you send out?
  • The number of business cards you collect?
  • The number of jobs you applied for?
  • The number of phone calls you’ve made?
  • Hours spent on resumes or cover letters?
Uberistic’s databases are constantly expanding. If you’ve got the travel bug, you can tailor searches to the geographic areas of your choice. It’s the easy way to have a terrific job waiting—before you relocate.