An Uberistic corporate membership gives your company:

Living employee candidate pool


✔   Access to a large pool of qualified, motivated candidates, including upcoming Post-Secondary graduates sponsored by their educational institutions.  
✔   Powerful screening tools - quickly zero in on candidates of interest  
✔   Detailed candidate information – you can review in-depth candidate profiles to find that perfect fit  
✔   Real-time updates - be notified automatically whenever a candidate meeting your requirements joins Uberistic  
Tools for connecting - get in touch, and keep in touch, with candidates of interest:  
     - public postings  
     - private messaging  
 ✔  Ongoing presence for your organization - build an online hiring presence to attract Uberistic’s individual Members.  

For both immediate and long-term hiring success, Uberistic is the place to be. Take control of your hiring process now. One low yearly fee is the only payment you’ll make for full access to a “cast of thousands”.

Uberistic provides all the tools you need to reach a large pool of educated, motivated potential employees, including upcoming post-secondary graduates.
Your Uberistic membership includes the capacity for an online company profile that can include video, current events postings, and more. Build your company’s profile to attract the talent you need. It’s the recruiter that never sleeps.
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Hiring mistakes can be costly. Uberistic makes it easy for you to explore candidates in depth before you commit. Go beyond the resume and see:


  • A detailed candidate profile
  • The candidate’s promotional video pitch.
  • Links to candidates social media profiles

Uberistic gives you the most complete glimpse into your candidate that you’ll get anywhere, short of face-to-face contact.

When you post a job, Uberistic's automated process will help you to drill down to the best candidates. You can choose which screening tools you use. The standard process includes the following steps:

  1. Open, accepting applications.
  2. Review, no longer is accepting applications, review all applicants.
  3. Requirements, sort application pool by requirements answers.
  4. Qualifications 1, request additional information from candidate pool and filter the pool by answers.
  5. Qualification 2, second qualification step.
  6. Interview,request and book interviews with candidates.
  7. Offer, make job offer to candidate.
  8. Stay Connected, build a living breathing filtered employee candidate pool for future needs.

You can arrange to meet any candidate in a private Uberistic chat room. (No more flying candidates across the country for that crucial, yet expensive, first meeting.) And if for some reason the candidate is right but the timing is wrong, you can stay in touch with promising candidates over time.

If there’s always room for the right person, let Uberistic do the work of sifting and sorting. Just specify your requirements, and Uberistic will notify you whenever a candidate with matching qualifications registers. You can then review that individual in depth and decide whether to initiate contact.

No need to spend time making multiple listings on websites or in publications restricted to a small geographic area. One Uberistic listing reaches candidates in all areas where Uberistic operates.