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About Uberistic

The fundamental idea behind Uberistic is to give job-seekers an easy way to communicate, showcase, and differentiate themselves to potential employers and to give businesses an easy way to communicate, showcase, and differentiate themselves to potential employees

Like most cutting-edge stuff, Uberistic started with an idea. (“Hey—why isn’t there a website where career-minded people and HR folks can get together to further their mutual goals over the long term?”)

The result was Uberistic. The brainchild of Michael Goodine and Jacquie Verenka, Uberistic took a couple of years to go from conception to launch, mostly because Mike and Jacquie kept thinking of more and more good things that ought to be included!

The basic goal was to give career-minded people (both the individuals with the talent and the HR people looking for them) something more substantial than a one-time job board—a place where they can develop an online presence and have strong opportunities to pursue their interests over time. A place where the employer in Halifax can be visible to the career-minded adventurer in Vancouver, and vice versa.

Given this goal, Uberistic had to be much more than just a job board. It had to give both individuals and companies the opportunity to create a stable, evolving presence over time, so they could get to know one another. A “dating site” for career purposes, if you will. You see who’s out there, you connect, you explore. And if the fit is wonderful, you become partners in the work world.

All of Uberistic’s core features, such as detailed profiles, video pitches, online chat, and video meeting capacity, were designed to help make employers and employees uniquely visible to one another. And the powerful screening tools help both groups to zero in on exactly what they’re looking for.

Finally, Uberistic’s ever-widening geographic presence gives “willing to relocate” a whole new meaning—both to the adventurous spirits who see the world as their oyster, and to the companies looking for that kind of adventurous spirit.

The working world is a huge place. At Uberistic, our goal is to open the doors. Wide.

Our Team

Jacquie Verenka
Michael Goodine
Uber Experts
Benna Michaels
Wayne Lee
Uber Business Advisors
Ron Barauskas
Robb Campre